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MEMORANDUM TO: S. J. Blue, CapTronic manager FROM: R. England Department of Electrical Engineering University of Maine DATE: January 25, 2007 SUBJECT: Proposal to Implement a Three-Phase Oscillator in the Production of the XK34-38 Micro-Regulator After receiving a memorandum on its use, I propose that CapTronic should implement a three- phase oscillator in the production of the XK34-38 micro-regulator. Company CEO P.D. Allison recently asked the engineering department to study whether or not CapTronic should begin using a new oscillator in the production of the XK34-38. The XK34-38 is a best-selling micro- regulator and is assembled in the company’s production facility on the other side of the Webster Technical-Industrial Park. The oscillator works as an amplifier. The design of the current prototypes, designated A and C, is simple enough to be used in a number of other micro-regulators (including the XK24-21).
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Unformatted text preview: Prototypes A and C are also inexpensive to produce. The following table compares production costs: Table: Projected Costs for Prototype Use Model Current Cost (per unit) Projected Cost (per unit) XK 34-38 (w/ current oscillator) $1.75 NA XK 34-38 (w/ Prototype A) NA $1.22 XK 34-38 (w/ Prototype C) NA $1.15 The engineering department recommends that further work be conducted on achieving the best phase voltages and optimum harmonic distortion. In addition, CapTronic should consider using three-phase oscillators in more of their micro-regulators to save time and money. This innovative oscillator will revolutionize the micro-regulator industry and is sure to help CapTronic grab a significant share of the market. To whit, we stand to save thousands, if not tens of thousands of production dollars....
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