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Quiz1P1 - Quiz#2 ECE 214 February 6 2007 Name 4y rpm-“E2...

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Unformatted text preview: Quiz #2 ECE 214 February 6, 2007 Name. ' 4y. rpm-“E2 If; 1. Write a mathematical expression for the waveform seen on the scope aispiay shown below. The expression should be of the form: .{t) = A + (Be—mt—BJ-ufi — {3)} The voltage scaie is 5 V/ div and the time scale is .001s/div. Zero volts is shown as a gnd symbol on the right and zero seconds is shown center screen at the top of the dispiay. _ Zero Sec. V 13V A315 V +—l<—:rf Zero Volts. r e - ~ 1- x —L r W \ ~gooLts ez—o 00%51 Vim-i3: H it”: 139359. =01}? ’L‘: 000183 ...
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