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Lab Practical (Quiz) - Lab Practical ECE214 Spring 2007...

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Unformatted text preview: Lab Practical ECE214 Spring 2007 Name Refil— j: grglhmtl it ¢fi l . At what frequency will the signal at channel #2 he phase shifted by "’ :50 degrees with respect to the signal at channel #1. Keep the amplitude of the input at 5 volts peak. The frequency will be less than 1000 Hz. . , ._ _ {:3 . .tl’l/v \ 2. The hidden circuit is a single pole filter: is it a high pass or a low pass filter? What is the transfer function for this circuit? The input of the filter is on channel #‘1 the output is on channel #2.. Keep the input amplitude at 1 volt peak for this test. You will not need frequencies greater‘than 10000 HZ. L43“, Poss ' AV :3 LDJMU tizij/LWU “(:53201913 wc;:|_g‘lcl'? 3. Capture the signal that is generated when you press the button on the end of the coax line using single trace mode on the oscilloscope. The captured signal should be centered on the screen and shouldn’t extend off the scope‘s display. Call me over when you get a 4. Measure the gharinonic of a Mime signal with a peak voltage of __g_—volts and no DC offset. Express your answer in V olt s peak. Mitt rev 574l- m ~Flaclmt‘lfih t 19.4, Cl * 2 3 N Z, lat/M“ QQILO‘J ma Quitgil/ c, {LgfileBV ...
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