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Unformatted text preview: MEMORANDUM TO: Scott Peterson FROM: Stephanie Duy Robert England DATE: November 14, 2007 SUBJECT: Discussion of BJT Current Sinks and Sources For partial fulfillment of the coursework in ECE 342, three BJT current sinks and a current source were constructed and tested. The current sinks were built with 2N2222 transistors, and the current source used 2N3906. Table 1 contains the output characteristics of the four circuits. Table 1: Current Sink/Source Output Characteristics Configuration Output Current Range Output Voltage Range Output Resistance Load Resistance Range 1 Simulated 1.527 mA to 1.531 mA 1.905 V to 10 V 2.02 MΩ 0 Ω to 5.3 kΩ Experimental 1.536 mA to 1.543 mA 2.324 V to 9.270 V 992 kΩ 500 Ω to 5 kΩ 2 Simulated 1.827 mA to 1.992 mA 0.5015 V to 10 V 57.6 kΩ 0 Ω to 5.2 kΩ Experimental 1.511 mA to 1.881 mA 1.679 V to 9.951 V 22.4 kΩ 50 Ω to 5.6 kΩ 3 Simulated 79.72 μA to 81.53 μA 0.4342 V to 10 V 5.28 MΩ 0 Ω to 120 kΩ Experimental 75.56 μA to 78.44 μA 0.1908 V to 0....
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