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Michael Pitts McGinnis Biblical Perspectives Notes 2/08/08 3-part lesson, “Source Criticism- Authorship of the Pentateuch” 1. Traditional- Moses wrote the Pentateuch 2. Medieval/ Modern- People began to wonder why there were apparent holes in the Scripture. Those who questioned it were persecuted. Reasons by which it was questioned include that the “humility” of Moses described in Numbers probably wasn’t written by him, otherwise he is not so humble. Also, how could he record an account of his own death without divine revelation? There are issues of chronology found in Genesis 36:31. There are geographical considerations such as if the author writes of Moses being “Across the Jordan”, the author must be on the other side and is obviously not Moses. During medieval times, the people’s answer for these contradictions was that Moses wrote the majority of the work while later writers came back and tweaked it. People do not like not knowing who wrote the Scripture. Some of the larger issues that brought the beliefs of the
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