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2.15.08 - the gap of information needed He also believed...

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Notes- 2/15/08 Natural Theology/ Revelation- Universally acceptable to all people. Reason – universal gift of God – Natural or general revelation Special/Specific Revelation- Jesus/Bible, Revelation that happens specifically to certain people telling them to do something John Polkinghorn- Interested in Natural Theology/Revelation He is a revivalist of the relationship between science and religion. He believes that Christians involved in science either ignore the inclusion of God with science or they use him as the missing link when things can not yet be explained Faith & Reason / Religion & Science God of the Gaps- His theory that some Christians use God as a crutch for anything currently unexplained. Atom story – beyond that must be God This theory is bad b/c we keep finding more about science so then it decreases the sphere in which God is in, basically squeezing God out. His personal belief is that God should be viewed as the cause of causes instead of simply
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Unformatted text preview: the gap of information needed. He also believed that if you pulled God out of the universe it would fall apart but he can not prove this because you can not pull God from his creation. (God is sustainer & order) He desires to find a place between the “God of the gaps” theory and the “head in the sand” view. The Anthropodic Principle- The view that the world is finely tuned to our needs. God must have created it because the odds are one in millions that it could happen accidentally. This is also referred to as the Rationality of the cosmos. He critiques this argument by stating that it is one in a million that our world could be created by accident but in this vast space, how many universes had a chance but did not make it and no one was around to say it. We could be the one in a million chance....
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