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3/5/08 Prophets Prophets are viewed as negative because the truth they speak is usually contrary to popular beliefs. Two tasks of the prophets: criticizing and energizing. Prophets are more than future-tellers. Because we live after the fall of Israel, we view Amos and Isaiah’s teachings as poetic because what they say is not restricted in our hindsight as it was for people in those days. Prophets are rarely cut off from people. They are one with the people they preach to and they see themselves as no better than the people. “Prophet” in Hebrew means: 1. One who is called to speak for another. 2. Visionary, a seer. Prophets and Prediction Open- follows the if/then model found in Deutoronomy. Can be found in Isaiah 1:18-20. Deterministic- Bruegermann Article By “enculturation” he means the church is so foundationally structured in American Consumerism. This concern is manifested when the message of the church is distorted. Example: TV Church pastors asking people to tithe on credit cards, or ATM machines
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