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3/07/08 Isaiah Isaiah is the longest prophetic book. It and Psalms are the 2 most quoted O.T. books quoted in the N.T. 2 things about Isaiah: 1. He lives in the 8 th century (same time as Amos) and he has access to kings but we do not know why. 2. Isaiah comes from the south, preaches to the south. It is not know how he died but some believe he was sawn in half as a martyr. He differs from Amos in that he has better access to royalty. King Usiah died in 742. Isaiah’s time: 742-700 BC 722- Fall of North 735-732- A war goes on, “The Syro-Ephramitic War” This war is the background of Isaiah. At this time, Assyria is expanding. Israel and other countries are afraid of being conquered. Northern Israel decides to try join forces with Syria to resist the Assyrians. They offer an alliance to Judah. Isaiah knows that Syria worships other gods and to join an alliance with them would compromise their beliefs. He advises King Ahaz not to join the alliance. King Ahaz does not resist the alliance. Syria and Israel try to overthrow Judah so they
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