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3.10.08 - 587 BC Babylon destroys Jerusalem and the temple...

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3/10/08 “Isaiah” Isaiah 1-39 40-66 Setting 8 th Century S-E War 6 th Century (end of exile) Problem Rebellion- Princes corruption, Demoralized people who need Worship, corrupt ethics reassurance that God is in control, He loves them, etc. Solution God calls Ahaz to take a stand Servant of Yahweh Ahaz is strong, trusts Yahweh, Chapters 42, 52 Makes no alliance w/ other nations Establishes justice throughout Teaching by nonviolent means, Suffers on behalf of the nation.
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Unformatted text preview: 587 BC- Babylon destroys Jerusalem and the temple. 538 BC- Persian King Cyrus leads Persians to conquer Babylon, ends the exile. 516 BC- Rebuilding of the temple. Isaiah 45:1- God calls Cyrus his anointed. The servant in Isaiah was viewed as Israel at the time and can now be viewed as a prophecy of Jesus. Some believe that chapters 40-66 were written by another and not by Isaiah. Isaiah was disliked in his day but was later vindicated....
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