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BP Notes - Gutierrez - system 38-42 – God asks rhetorical...

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BP Notes Gutierrez and Job Retributive Punishment – Eliphaz – to pay back Remedial Punishment – improve the person – Job Bildad – pointing Job saying he is challenging tradition Obey = Bless Disobey = Curse (Check out Enns that focuses more on this equation) If this doesn’t hold, then society is in trouble. Would you follow God if there is nothing in it for you? Eliphaz – 15 – challenging Job’s arguments but saying he is undermining the whole
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Unformatted text preview: system 38-42 – God asks rhetorical questions to Job Job answers that he is humble…saying sorry…but God says in chapter 40 “Would you condemn me so that you are justified” What was Job repenting from? – Finiteness – not really a sin though Job has faith and patience Job shifts from what to what? Thinking only of his own sufferings to the Universal thinking of the poor’s suffering...
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