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BP Notes - Hosea

BP Notes - Hosea - Gomer might be involved in this kind of...

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BP Notes Hosea Hosea – prophet from 8 th Century From the north and ministers to the north 750-722 – Hosea Contemporary with Amos Analogy of husband and wife (God and Israel) Talk of jealousy, love, repentance Responsibility – sum and substance no captured in law, but mutual love and commitment Israel depicted as unfaithful wife Hosea’s own life becomes metaphor for Israel Emotional life of God…does God have emotions? Israel is being unfaithful by worshipping “Baal” – name meaning “a lord” Worship of Baal – storm god – to get him to fertilize the Earth to make it fruitful
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Unformatted text preview: Gomer might be involved in this kind of sexualized worship Canaanite religion Chapter 2, Chapter 11, and Chapter 14 Judgment – parched land, fruitfulness is like spring How to put the two notions together of a vengeful and just God and a God that wants to persuade the people to come back… Lack of faith, lack of knowledge is probably why the people practice idolatry Sin=ignorance Drawing this from Chapter 2...
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