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BP Notes Proverbs Introduction to Wisdom Literature Proverbial/Moral Teaching – instructing you how to live Philosophical – why do bad things happen to good people o Job would be good example Most common genre in the ancient world 2500 BC – Pharaoh giving advice on how to rule well Advice from ruler to son to help him Righteous Sufferer – person who did nothing wrong but is suffering Authoer – Solomon – David’s son – asks for wisdom, but is seen as someone who brought native deities into Israel “Great wise-man” The wise – a group within Israel’s society that are like sages Words of Agur son of Jakeh and also teachings of King Lemuel’s mother in Proverbs Book – within the text you can see different authors…not just Solomon Cumulative wisdom – so you really cannot date it, but somewhat dies off after monarchy Things you look at in Proverbs
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Unformatted text preview: • “The Fear of the Lord” shows up often • The role of women • Worldview Proverbs 31: • Management of household: food, clothing, childcare • Buys land – unusual for women at this time and also sells cloth which is unusual • Industrious • Charitable Chapter 7 and 8 Wisdom is portrayed as a woman – how is it personified? But another woman is there – an adulteress or “strange woman” Sin looks better than anything, but it leads to death Audience is primarily male. Must of this book is from a male perspective Chapter 6 – See excurses on page 912 Paralleling Chapter 1 – Fear of the Lord Chapter 9:10-11 (Fear-respect, reverence, wonder, awe, parental relationship) Fear because we do not know, but we know because we fear Pg 897 – Humility- being aware of your place...
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