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BP Questions- - Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101 Reading Guide Brueggemann The Prophetic Imagination(text available on Blackboard In this excerpt

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Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101 Reading Guide : Brueggemann, The Prophetic Imagination (text available on Blackboard) In this excerpt, Brueggemann wants to speak of prophets in both ancient and contemporary contexts, that is, what might the prophets of Israel say if they showed up in modern America? As you read, keep in mind that he is skipping back and forth between these two contexts. 1. What is enculturation, and why is it a problem? What are the two tasks of prophetic ministry? And what's "alternative" got to do with it all? (pp. 11-14) Enculturation is the process whereby individuals learn their group’s culture, through experience, observation, and instruction. It is such a problem because the American church is so caught up in the culture of today and the American ethos of consumerism that is has little power to believe or to act. The tasks of prophetic ministry are to bring the claims of the tradition and the situation of enculturation into an effective interface, and to nurture, nourish, and evoke a
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