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BP Questions - Hosea

BP Questions - Hosea - Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101...

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Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101 Reading Guide : Hosea Hosea is the third prophet we have studied who was active in the eighth century, and so the political setting for this book is similar to what we discussed earlier with Amos and Isaiah: the waning days of the Northern Kingdom of Israel, tempations by kings in both the north and the south to stray from God and pursue security by way of political alliances and/or worship of foreign gods. Hosea's ministry appears to date from about 750 to 722 (the fall of the Northern Kingdom to Assyria). Unlike Amos and Isaiah, Hosea was from the Northern Kingdom. What makes this book such an interesting one is the way the book juxtaposes Hosea's personal life with Israel's relationship with God. Thus, just as Hosea is married to an unfaithful wife, so to God is in covenant with an unfaithful partner. This dominant theme in Hosea gives the book an intimate tone unlike that in other prophetic literature, but it has given interpreters plenty of fodder for discussion and debate: Fundamentally, should the book be read allegorically or literally? If
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