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BP Questions - John

BP Questions - John - 2 John's gospel contains...

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Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101 Reading Guide : The Gospel of John We have seen how redaction criticism, which focuses on the evangelists' use of their sources, is an especially fruitful approach to the synoptic gospels, since it is clear they share common material and that relationships exist between the three, even if not all scholars agree precisely what those relationships are. The Gospel of John, however, is less amenable to redaction criticism since comparisons are difficult if not impossible and the sources are more obscure (not that this stops scholars from trying). For our purposes, an examination of some of John's major themes will suffice. 1. John's gospel is imbued with some of the richest symbolism in all of Scripture. Identify the symbols/metaphors in the following passages, and discuss how they are interwoven in the story or teaching: 6:22-40, 10:1-21, 15:1-17.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. John's gospel contains several (frequently negative) references to "the Jews," which have, at points in the history of Christianity, been used to justify some rather virulent anti-semitism. Of course, Jesus and his disciples were all Jews, a fact acknowledged by John (Jn. 4:9), so a simplistic reading of "Jew" does not seem to be in order. Read the following passages and offer some conclusions about what John does and doesn't mean when it refers to "the Jews": 4:20-26, 5:39-47, 8:31-59. 3. A key theme in the gospel of John is that of knowing, particularly knowing the truth . What do you know (:-) about this theme after reading the following: 1:1-18, 7:25-31, 8:31-32, 13:1-4, 14:1-7, 18:37-38. 4. List and explain the themes of John's Gospel that Powell highlights....
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