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BP Questions - Luke - Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101...

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Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101 Reading Guide : Luke As our way into the Luke's gospel, we will use both the thematic literary approach we employed to look at Mark, as well as the redaction criticism we used with Matthew. 1. Compare Matthew and Luke with respects to Jesus' birth (Matt. 1-2 and Luke 2). Who is present in each telling? What details are included? What can you say about what was important to each gospel writer in telling the story of Jesus' birth? At the beginning of Luke it talks about Elizabeth being pregnant with a baby because of the angel Gabriel telling her so. This same angel appeared to Mary and told her that she was to give a virgin birth to the Son of God. However, in Matthew’s telling Elizabeth and her husband Zeciriah are not mentioned and the telling of Jesus’ birth is not a joyous occasion because King Herod is out to kill all the infants born. In the Luke telling, the important details are that the Son that is being born of Mary is to be the Messiah and bring about the good news to everyone. But in Matthew the point is
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BP Questions - Luke - Biblical Perspectives UCBP 101...

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