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BP Questions Exodus 1-23 1. The main points that emerge from Moses’ interchange with God is that Moses is supposed to be the one to free the people from Egypt. Moses objects with God because Moses is wondering if the people will believe him and why God chose Moses because Moses is soft spoken and not good with words. This tells me that Moses, as well as the others, are not very faithful or strong believers. That they are not confident in themselves too. 2. Pharaoh’s stubbornness is spoken of in that his heart is hardened and he doesn’t really care what Moses does. Pharaoh doesn’t care if any of these things happen to his people because none of it is really affecting him, so the Pharaoh is responsible for the suffering, not Moses or God. Pharaoh didn’t believe in any other god because he thought himself to be god and divine. This does help me understand why he didn’t listen to Moses and was stubborn because he didn’t think that Moses could do anything powerful that the Pharaoh
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