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Gambling In New Hampshire - If lottery alone brought in...

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Gambling in New Hampshire It has been rumored that there is legislation under consideration in the New Hampshire State House that will legalize casino gambling. Currently in New Hampshire there are a few ways to gamble. One could simply go down to the corner store and purchase a lottery ticket or head to Seabrook to the greyhound track. However, New Hampshire still makes it illegal to have casinos. I believe that if New Hampshire were to legalize casinos it could potentially help the residents of New Hampshire. Casinos would be a great idea if there was some type of tax that could be implemented that would go to state sponsored institutions like education. Right now, buying lottery tickets is a way to raise revenue for education. Last year the lottery raised over $80,000,000 to go toward different educational organizations.
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Unformatted text preview: If lottery alone brought in that much money, then just think of what a casino could do. Besides raising funds for the state, casinos could also provide many jobs for the unemployed. At this time, around 24,000 people are unemployed in New Hampshire. A casino typically hires at least 10,000 employees. Having only two casinos in New Hampshire would significantly decrease the unemployment rate in this state. I believe that having these casinos would be a great addition to New Hampshire. They could bring in tourists and thus more revenue toward the NH economy. Legalizing casinos in New Hampshire would not only help out the education system, but it would also allow many people to find jobs. All things considered, the benefits of gambling legislation being approved greatly outweigh the weaknesses of not allowing casinos....
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