Intro to modern middle east oct 15

Intro to modern middle east oct 15 - Amir Faysal ibn Husayn...

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Amir Faysal ibn Husayn Mandates (1920): Only the christian leadership of mount lebanon welcomed the french mandate. Most politically active populations were opposed to the principle ideas of the mandate. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk: General that emerged from the WWI with a enhanced rep. Was a member of the CUP but didn’t partake in political decisions. He wasn’t held responsible for the pol failures of the CUP. He was sent to Anatolia by Instanbul in 1919 to demobilize the Otto armies there. He worked with committees to coordinate military policies. Him and Nationalists organaized the Grand National Assembly in Ankurk to establish a free parliament not under euro control. Claimed to be true reps of Turkey. GNA raised demands that were similar to the General Syrian Congress (ie no partition, yes self determination, no euro tutalege) but the GNA had a military. Treaty of Sevres: Supposed to be the treaty that ended WWI in the middle east. Recognized the loss of the arab provincies, Also anticipated the reduction of Turkey to an Anatolian rump. Eastern lands of the Otto empire were assigned to Armenians and Kurds; the Straits were to be internationalized; Thrace was ceded to Greece; and Izmir was expected to join Greece after a plebiscite. The Ankara-based Turkish Nationalists rejected the treaty and ultimately overturned it. Treaty of Lausanne Anglo-Persian Treaty: Makes iran a protectorate of Britain and in return the Brits would support a modern administration throughout Iran. Many Irani nationalist as a colonial instrument that would rob iran of any hope for independence. There was so much campaigning against it that the Iranian parliament refused to ratify it even though it was signed by the Qajars. France would control syria and lebanon
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Intro to modern middle east oct 15 - Amir Faysal ibn Husayn...

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