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Intro to modern middle eastNov5 - Intro to modern middle...

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Intro to modern middle east Nov. 5, 2007 Words: Hajj Amin al-Husayni (d. 1974): appointed by the british and given an office that was the British created. This move was done because the GB was creating projects to bind muslims to the British authority. It filled the administrative vacuum on the Arab side. He made ties with Arab Christians. Appointed as Grand Mufti of Jerusalem in 1921. GB ordered his arrest in 1937 after he made an anti-British stance and he fled to live the rest of his life in exile. Criticized by opposition Palestinian Arabs too. He adopted a radical nationalist line David Ben Gurion (d. 1973 ): Bcame the principle leader of the Jewish community in 1935, when he was elected head of the Jewish Agency. Was elected Israel’s first Prime Minister in 1948 and was active in politics until the 1960s. He advocated a tougher and more activist political stance. The Jewish Agency made a Militia. Lecture: - Palestine Mandate blah blah blah - Palestine never got a constitution because the Arabs and Jews couldn’t agree on anything - Palestine settled down uneasily under Brit admin - Arabs protested but chilled - During 1920s general prosperity reduced Jewish immigration a lot - Fundamental political concerns were unresolved - 1929 violence was started because of the status of the Kotel - It was considered a Waqf for the Arabs - Jews had prayed at the wall with permission of the Waqf - When the Brits took over they let policy continue - Jewish leaders argued that they should be able to pray there by right and not by permission - Jewish leaders became to demonstrate against the status of the wall
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Intro to modern middle eastNov5 - Intro to modern middle...

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