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Intro to Modern Middle EastOct29 - Intro to Modern Middle...

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Intro to Modern Middle East Oct. 29, 2007 Anglo – Iraq Treaty (1930): Template for other treaties of its kind. Iraq would be independent in two years. Get membership into the League of Nations and would coordinate its foreign policies with that of great Britain. It secured British interests. The Iraqi airforce bases and foreign owned economic interests would be secured by the British. It allowed political elite to run their shit without stretching into British interests. It was a major step forward that marked an end to the mandate. It was one step along the way that ensured that Iraq remained in a British sphere of influence until 1958. It established the Hashamite Monarchy as a valid entity. King Faysal I (Iraq, 1921-1931): King of Iraq. Amir Abdallah (Trans – Jordan, 1921-1951): Amir marched into Damascus to avenge his brother. GB told him to chill and administer Transjordan on his brother’s behalf until they could work it out with the French. The French didn’t want anything to do with the whole thing. He got disappointed when Faysal got to assume the throne of Iraq. Annexed portions of Palestine (east Jerusalem and West Bank). 1922 Transjordan was mandated as a distinct entity from Palestine and he was named Amir. Created the Arab Legion. Hoped to use Transjordan as a base to extend influence but couldn’t do shit if GB didn’t like it. GB threatened to depose him if he didn’t listen to his Brit advisers. His original rep as an Arab nationalist didn’t endure because he had to work with GB. Not much he could do to build an autonomous power base to bargain vis a vis the British. Tried himself as useful as possible to GB to extend his influence to Iraq. After Faysal died in 1933 he tried to get the throne but Baghdad officials wanted to give it to Faysals son. So he turned to Palestine. GB problems with the Arabs encouraged him to jump in as a mediator between GB and the Arabs. He helped out with one of the 2 major Arab groupings in Palestine. Cultivated cordial relations with the Palestinian Jews with the hopes that he and
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Intro to Modern Middle EastOct29 - Intro to Modern Middle...

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