SociologySept18 - Sociology Humans as Social Beings...

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Sociology Sept. 18, 2007 Humans as Social Beings – Socialization, Self and Identity Socialization is a social learning process whereby a person acquires a ‘sense of self’, life- knowledge and a set of social skills. What defines being human? “We are not born human. We become human the process of social interaction.” Pg 85 - Humans as social beings who are interdependent on one another for survival, and for developing an individual and social identity. - To be socialized means to learn how to act and interact appropriately with others, to become a competent and effective member of society - The importance of early social relationships in forming a person’s development as a social being – social bonds – the human need for sustained, supportive, caring contact with others Feral (wild) children and Social Isolation as good examples that ullustrate the importance of socialization for humans. Brain theory and language development, cultural learning, and mimicry. Social isolation and dysfunctionality 1) the human mind as a blank slate (tabula rasa) which requires social experience learning to be fully realized OR 2) the human mind has a preset program which determines behavior based on
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SociologySept18 - Sociology Humans as Social Beings...

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