Sociologynov13 - Sociology Chapter 18 Power is the ability...

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Sociology Chapter 18 Power is the ability of an individual or group to impose its will on others even if they resist Power of a group that is widely recognized as legitimate becomes authority People who occupy the command posts of institutions are seen as authorities Social movements are collective attempts to change part or all of the social order Political Parties are organizations that seek to control state power Politics and Social Movements “The level of democracy in a society depends on…” pg 302 - 1968 as the year of many protests worldwide - Max Weber’s three bases of authority – pg 304 Main concepts from text: power, authority, social movements, political parties, state, civil society, pluralist theory, elite theory, ruling class, Marxist theory, power-balance theory, resource mobilization, relative deprivation, welfare state New Social Movements: human rights movement, peace movement (anti-war movement), environmental movement, women’s movement, gay rights movement. - These movements were mostly to be found in the developed world, in Europe and North America. The other 85% of the world had social movements that were based on different issues such as freedom from colonial rule and anti-imperialism Points from the film, The Sixties: TheYears That Shaped a Generation: Social change in the 1960s, in the USA especially, was based on the clash between groups that wanted to maintain the existing social order and those who wanted to change it – for example, the conflict between existing hegemonic forces and counter-hegemonic forces. Popular protests against perceived injustices among youth produced a reactionary backlash from the state and its repressive institutions. Some factors influencing the 1960s counter-culture: music, drugs, birth control, new forms of
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Sociologynov13 - Sociology Chapter 18 Power is the ability...

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