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Indian Love Imagery - 2/18/08 AH 105 Response Paper:...

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2/18/08 AH 105 Response Paper: Reading Love Imagery on the Indian Temple Unfortunately, when one views ancient art, there is never an omniscient guide to understanding it in its context. Perhaps this is most true with the Hindu temples and sculptural decoration at Khajuraho. Black and white explanations will not suffice in this case. All viewers, from tourists to art historians, must leave open the ancient intention for the erotic sculpture at these temples. There are “multiple readings of these temples […] depending on the sophistication and background of the viewer or worshipper who saw these impressive structures.”(71) A few important facts are known about the temples, including dates constructed and who oversaw their creation. The Chandella monarchs created Khajuraho as their capital, and had the temples erected from 950 to 1100. “The congregation of so large a number of temples at a single site […] is suggestive of a specific goal.”(72) The temples’ dedications to Hindu deities such as “Shiva, Vishnu, solar god Surya, and the Goddess-
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Indian Love Imagery - 2/18/08 AH 105 Response Paper:...

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