Histology Questions 59-86

Histology Questions 59-86 - 59)."o/he chromosomal...

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59)."o/he chromosomal translocation which causes the c-Myc gene to come under the command ofthe Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain promoter is principally associated with which of the following diseases? A. mV/AIDs X. B. Chronic myeloid leuekemia C. Acute myeloid leukemia )3. Burkitt's lymphoma,\ E. Tay Sachs "" ~ The affected individual in this pedigree has an autosomal recessive disease. The family was tested ~ VNTR within an intron ofthe disease gene. Which children are heterozygous for the disease allele? !~1 1:2'11-111-211-311-4 If}i. Iii. Be •••• 6: •• 3. jY II-I and 11-3 II-2 and 11-3 C. . H-2 and 11-4 D. U-3 and U-4 U-2, 11-3, and 11-4 ])51). Identify the type ofepithelium in the below monograph indicated by the arrow Stratified squamous epithelim Transitional epithelium Stratified cuboidal epithelium y Simple squamous epithelium
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62). The arrow in the diagram below is JXlinting to !) A. A j unction complex 8. Hair shaft in the skin C. Keratin on the skin epithelium )Y. Red blood cell j);3). In the diagram below aU is correct EXCEPT: can be found on a basement membrane /' B. described as a pavement epitheliwn. ..... tilapia fish scales can used as an illustration )l/ abundant on the sole ofthe foot
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64). The micrograph below is a biopsy from a smoker. All is correct EXCEPT: G A This is a pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium . ....... - B. It can undergo metaplastic change to another type of epithelium due to irritation from smoking. ......... 12':' The luminal surface membrane has been modified to ronn microvilli D. The entrapped particles propelled toward lI,e pharynx is described as mucociliary escalator ./ E. None ofthe above A 65). specimen below was from the female reproductive organ. All is true EXCEPT: I' '(5 il ~ Well adapted to withstand desiccatioo. (¥'-"-' .... If>'oI.J'''~') Can also be found in the male oral cavity. /" C. Exhibit transition from a cuboidal basal layer to a flattened surface layer""""'- Well suited to mechanical abrasion and protect the esophagus ,- E It the epithelium that lines the anal canal./"
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0.<\":> 6 P'fio "- 66).41 is true about the below specimen EXCEPT: :- b A. ...B:' " C. " D. E is found as a covering oftbe palm ofthe band f1I.Y) I "111V- keratinization is the formation ofa tough livin~urface layer c6ntaining keratin r keratinization can be induced in normally non-keratinizing statified squamous epithelium.
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Histology Questions 59-86 - 59).&quot;o/he chromosomal...

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