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Percussion Methods Review

Percussion Methods Review - Jordan Nickell MUS 354...

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Jordan Nickell MUS 354 Professor Jason Koontz December 10 th , 2007 Article Review I found a very interesting article in Percussive Notes entitled “Teaching College Students to Teach Themselves.” In the article, author Al Payson outlines three teaching styles that are helpful in developing self-reliance in students. The first teaching style is “Giving the student a fish.” This style is appropriate for elementary through high school students. “Giving the student a fish” means that the teacher identifies problems and offers solutions. Teaching style two is “Teaching the student to fish.” This style is a transition phase between telling the student how to handle problems and having the student solve problems on their own. Teaching style two should be developed by the time a student graduates from college. Payson gives examples relating to percussion instruction for both the first and second teaching styles. Payson observantly points out that the utilization of
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