biology- study guide 1 - Test 1 Study Guide 1. Read...

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Test 1 Study Guide 1. Read Chapters 1, 2, 3 16. The material that was not mentioned in class (chemistry) will not be on the test. 2. Know the steps of the scientific method. Be able to design an experiment given an unfamiliar observation/question. Be able to correctly identify and use the following in your experimental design (not necessarily in this order): a. experimental vs. control group The experimental group is given some sort of treatment in a controlled situation designed to test a specific hypothesis. A control group’s subjects are treated identically except they receive a placebo instead of experimental treatment. b. independent and dependent variables The independent variables are deliberately manipulated to invoke a change in the dependent variables. The dependent variables are those that are observed to change in response to the independent variables. c. random group assignment Placing individuals into experimental and control groups randomly to eliminate systematic difference. d. blind, double-blind experiment A blind experiment is where subjects don’t know what they are predicted to experience. A double blind experiment is where test subjects and scientists performing measurements are unaware of either the experimental hypothesis or who is in the experimental vs. control group. e. using if-then statements for predictions
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biology- study guide 1 - Test 1 Study Guide 1. Read...

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