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MOAC lab4 answer - N³FS permission STudenT is only allow...

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Question 1 What share permissions does a newly added group receive by default? Full Control both Question 2 Why are you unable to modify the budget file? Student don’t have access at all. Question 3 Why are you now able to modify the Budget file? Yes because the admins privileges is full
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Question 4 For the purposes of this lab, you assign permissions directly to the Student user account. How does this differ from standard enterprise networking practice? Only giving some permissions. Question5 Why are you unable to modify the Budget file, when you have the Allow Full Control
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Unformatted text preview: N³FS permission? STudenT is only allow To read and see The ²le noT change. Queston 6 Why are you able To modify The BudgeT ²le on This compuTer, when you were unable To modify iT on The oTher compuTer? No and no Queston 7 WhaT access will The STudenT user have To The DocumenTs share you are creatng? How will The users receive ThaT access? ±he sTudenT user have now full conTrol, going To sharing permission and giving ThaT permission To have full conTrol....
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