health- exam1 review - Exam 1 Review HLTH 1520 Ch.1 (12...

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Exam 1 Review HLTH 1520 Ch.1 (12 questions) Difference between Health and Wellness: Health is the absence of physical disease; wellness transcends the concept of health (spiritual, emotional, physical) and both help us live life fully with vitality. 6 dimensions of Health: Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, Social, and Environmental (planetary) wellness. Healthy People 2010 National health goals based on a 10-year agenda. Has 2 national goals: to increase quality and years of healthy life, and to eliminate health disparities among Americans. Factors that lead to health disparities and influence wellness: Ethnic background, economic status, sex and gender, disability, income, and education factor health disparities; behavior, family health history, environment, and access to healthcare are important influences on wellness. Understand the motivations for change Examine pros and cons, believe you can succeed, examine your locus of control, visualization and self-talk, role models and other supportive individuals. Transtheoretical Model of Change: Precontemplation (no intention of changing), Contemplation (intending to take action in 6 months), Preparation (Planning to take action within a month), Action (outwardly changing behavior), Maintenance (success for 6 or more months). Know the steps to develop skills for change:
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health- exam1 review - Exam 1 Review HLTH 1520 Ch.1 (12...

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