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HON 306 Dr. Bennett and Dr. Gooch November 27 th , 2007 Daily Assignment on Appiah Appiah criticizes positivism because it says that morality is relative. Appiah’s position is for cosmopolitanism, which says that there is a unified standard for morality that transcends culture. Appiah says that Positivism “leads people to overestimate some obstacles to cross- cultural understanding while underestimating others.” Positivism is grounded in a strictly scientific worldview which distinguishes between fact and value. Appiah, however, says that it’s more complicated than that; sometimes the line is blurred between fact and value. According to a
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Unformatted text preview: Positivist, beliefs are based on facts, and if you can’t provide evidence for a belief then it’s not true. Appiah says that Positivism has skewed the language of values, and Positivists use this language to talk mostly to themselves. Without acknowledging that the same values are unifying everyone it’s going to be really hard to get along with them, and in fact makes any interaction at all pointless. In the end, two people that disagree will both think they are right and there will be nothing more to say. This kind of tolerance of another person’s values doesn’t benefit humanity at all....
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