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REQUIRED TEXTBOOK: Bohlander, George and Snell, Scott, Managing Human Resources. 14 th Edition, Thompson South-western, 2007. COURSE DESCRIPTION : Principles of human resource management: HR programming; job requirements; sources of labor supply; selection procedures; training programs; job evaluation; salary administration; employee communications; union-management relations. PREREQUISITE: BUS 3003. COURSE OBJECTIVES : To increase the student's knowledge of human resource management concepts, techniques and skills; To demonstrate how the knowledge of HR management is key to any successful manager or supervisor; To acquaint the student with a more in-depth look at certain women's issues and multi-ethnic problems in the workplace and to demonstrate how the use of Internet can assist the professional HR individual in proposing solutions to problems. Various “Global Perspectives of HR” are also presented. Exams: Exams will be given as per dates on your syllabus. These will cover the assigned readings from the textbook and any other possible readings I assign (e.g. articles.) All exams are required. 1 BUS. 3273.01, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Spring 2008 M/W 1 – 2:20 PM, ASB 302 Instructor: Mrs. Sherrie Taylor, MBA, SPHR, CSBC CFO 414; Voice Mail: 898-2903; Fax (940)898-2120 E-MAIL “[email protected] Office Hours: M: 2:30 – 4:00 PM T/TH: 11-12, 1 – 3:00 W: 4 – 5 PM GRADES : Your grades will be based upon exam scores, any class assignments, and class participation. Exams 100 points each = 500 points Class Participation up to 50 points = 50 points Total number of points available = 550 points 550 possible points / number of points you earn = a percentage grade. If there is no curve, it would take 495 points to make an A, 440 to make a B, etc.
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Participation: Your class participation grade is based upon Blackboard Discussions or other assignments made available to you as well as attendance
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