exam1fall07 - ES 2110 (Statics) Name...

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Unformatted text preview: ES 2110 (Statics) Name __________________________________ Exam 1 September 24, 2007 Each of the short answer questions below is followed by four answers. Select the best in each case. Value for each question is 5 points. 1. The magnitudes of F A = 100 N and F B = 140 N. The angle = 60 . What is the magnitude of F A + F B ? (A) 125 N (B) 172 N (C) 209 N (D) 276 N 2. A surveyor finds that the length of the line OA is 1500 m and the length of line OB is 2000 m. What is the magnitude of the distance vector from point A to point B ? (A) 1026 m (B) 1322 m (C) 2974 m (D) 3383 m 3. A unit vector of a force has directional angle of y = 78. Knowing that the x-component of the force is 50 N, the magnitude of the force is 100 N and that the z-component is positive, what is the z-component of the force? (A) 32 N (B) 50 N (C) 67 N (D) 84 N 4. The airplanes engines exert a total thrust force T of 200-kN magnitude. The angle between T and the x-axis is = 120 , and the angle between...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/19/2008 for the course ES 2110, E taught by Professor Parish,neville during the Spring '08 term at Wyoming.

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exam1fall07 - ES 2110 (Statics) Name...

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