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Unformatted text preview: Signature ____________________ Name _____________________ cs3u_____ Student ID ___________________ Score: Quiz 1 CSE 3 Summer 2006 Circle the correct answer: 1. USB stands for: A. Universal Software Brand B. Universal Serial Bus C. United States Brand D. Uniform Site Browser 2. In Microsoft Word on Windows, the majority of menu shortcut keys are activated by using the: A. Shift key B. Windows key C. Function key D. Control key 3. When a menu option is gray, it means the option: A. is broken B. is ready for use C. is unavailable D. has a shortcut 4. To open a hypertext link in a new browser window instead of the same browser window: A. <Alt>-N B. <F5> C. <Ctrl>-N D. <Shift>-Left Click 5. Open, New, Save, and Close are usually found in which menu: A. File B. View C. Edit D. Favorites 6. A number like is called: A. domain name B. TLA C. IP address D. all of the above (Over) 7. To select two noncontiguous items, you need to select one and then click on the other while holding...
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Quiz1.su06cse3 - Signature ____________________ Name...

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