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University of California, Davis ECM6: Homework # 2 Guidelines This homework assignment is due at the beginning of class Monday, April 16. No late homework will be accepted. Your homework should be presented for grading in the form of a typed Mathematica Notebook . Do not submit an electronic copy unless requested. Download the template for this notebook from the web site. Your homework should show the Mathematica code that you used to obtain the solutions. Make use of the note- book type setting capabilities to layout your homework clearly. Comment freely on the approach that you used to get the given solution. Please note if the graders need verification that your code produced the output shown in your homework, they will request an electronic copy be sent to them by email. If you cannot produce an elec- tronic copy your score for that homework will be ZERO. You will have 24 hours to in which to send the notebook via email. If the email notebook is not an exact replica of what you turned in for grading you will receive a ZERO for that homework. Thus it is important that you always retain a electronic copy of the homework you turn in for grading. Problem 1 A useful correlation for the pure vapor pressure as a function of temperature T is the empirical Antoine's equation (1) i = Exp A A - B ÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ T + C E where A , B and C are constants. The above parameters assume
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ECM6HW2_07 - Department of Chemical Engineering &...

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