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Day04 - §2.2 2 4 10 10b(The star means as it did before...

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CS 314 Day 4: January 31, 2008 Item #9. Errata for Day01.pdf, typographical errors only. In Item #1, there this many there are this many It Item #2, #4 #6 Item #10. Second Three Homework Text Exercises. §2.1 For the problems that I starred (*) below, you must submit the diagram requested as JFLAP produces it. You may print it in black and white and glue it into a neatly handwritten document if you wish without any penalty, or you may use electronic cut- and-paste tools to get it into an electronic document. 2b*, 2e*, 3*, 5b*, 9b*, 12* (assume that ={a}), 20*, and whichever of 23a or 24 that you choose (but show, not prove, in either case).
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Unformatted text preview: §2.2 2*, 4, 10*, 10b (The star means as it did before: Submit a JFLAP diagram as the diagram requested.) Hint for #2: Either do it manually or find somewhere in JFLAP the menu option to do it automatically. Either way, a correct answer earns full credit if in a neatly handwritten or electronic document. §2.3 1, 3, 5, 6 Hint for #6: Review in your mind the difference in meaning of the following kinds of nodes: final state (p. 38), trap state (p. 41), and ndfa dead configuration (p. 53)....
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