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Day23 - Day 23 Version 1.0 Item#28 Homework assignments...

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Day 23, April 15, 2008, Version 1.0 Item #28. Homework assignments giving practice with turing machines. Due on Day 24, Thursday, April 17: Read the rest of §9.1. Individual written assignment: Work problems 9.1(3, 4, 5, 6, 9). Due on Day 25, Tuesday, April 22: Read §9.2. Team written assignment: Work problems 9.2 (2, 3b) 9.1 (8). I was helped in solving 9.1(8) by reading the solution to 9.1(10). Due on Day 26, Thursday, April 24: Read §9.3. Individual written assignment: §9.3(3). This question suggests that you write a review of an article by John E. Hopcroft that I have posted as a PDF at our course web site. That’s a little ambitious for a two-day assignment, so I recommend instead that you pick one of the themes of the article and write three paragraphs describing the theme, using the article as a source, and other sources that you may find, including the internet and your textbook. Here are some of the themes of the article. Pick one of them and say what it is about.
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