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Study Guide 4 08 - BIOLOGY 4130/5130 HISTOLOGY 2008 STUDY...

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Unformatted text preview: BIOLOGY 4130/5130- HISTOLOGY 2008 STUDY GUIDE #4 Material included: Ch 19 Respiratory System Ch 21 Endocrine organs Ch 20 Urinary System Ch 22 Male Reproductive System Ch 23 Female Reproductive System Note: This is not an assignment, and this list is not inclusive. 1. Differentiate between the “respiratory epithelium” and the “olfactory epithelium” on the basis of cells present and arrangement and the respective functions of each cell type. 2. Compare and contrast the structure of the trachea, a tertiary bronchus, and terminal bronchiole in terms of tissues and cells present and any unique cell features. 3. Describe the basic arrangement and functions of all the cells you would expect to find associated with an alveolus in the lungs. 4. Use the cells present and their major products to explain why the pituitary gland is both an endocrine and a neuroendocrine organ. 5. Explain what “hypothalamus-pituitary-thyroid axis” refers to and, relative to “normal” cell secretion, explain why...
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