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BIOLOGY 4130/5130 - HISTOLOGY 2008 STUDY GUIDE #2 Material included: Chapter 6: Connective Tissue (pp. 146-181) Lab 2: Connective Tissue Chapter 9: Adipose Tissue (pp. 238-246) Chapter 7: Cartilage (pp. 182-200) Chapter 8: Bone (pp. 202-237) Lab 3: Bone and Blood Chapter 10: Blood (pp. 247-279) Chapter 12: Nerve Tissue (318-363) Lab 4: Nervous Tissue Chapter 24 Eye (834-854; 859-865) Chapter 25 Ear (866-887) Note: This is not an assignment, and this list may not be inclusive. 1. Describe the structural and functional characteristics of an active fibroblast in an elastic ligament. 2. Compare and contrast the matrix of dense regular connective tissue, hyaline cartilage, and bone. 3. Suppose you could noninvasively examine the epiphysis and metaphysis of the femur (thigh bone) from a 6- year-old child. List all the tissues and cell types you would expect to be present and provide a functional characteristic for each type of cell. 4.
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