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BIO 204 Review Sheet for Exam IV_Chap_25 - o Which species...

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BIO 204 Review Sheet for Exam IV CHAPTER 25 - PHYLOGENY AND SYSTEMATICS Note: This sheet is not meant to be a comprehensive list of topics that could be found on the exam. Chapter 25 – Phylogeny and Systematics: Who was initially responsible for the rules we use to name organisms. o Know idea behind binomial naming and taxa arrangement (KPC…) What is a sedimentary rock o What other types did we discuss in class? o Which typically has more fossils? What are the three main routes/types of fossil preservation? o Know how they differ Why is the fossil record so incomplete? o Discuss the role chance plays in the aforementioned statement.
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Unformatted text preview: o Which species are more likely to be preserved? What two approaches do we take when addressing questions concerning relatedness and history? What is the common roadblock that makes it hard to link current and extinct species? o Be able to explain, compare, and contrast homology and analogy. What are ClustalX and Paup? o What is an algorithm? Under which comparisons do molecular techniques replace anatomical techniques? o How do the questions to be addressed change when the mutation rate of DNA changes?...
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