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Quiz%202%20-soln%204 - d What is the true stress on the...

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Unformatted text preview: d.) What is the true stress on the specimen at fracture? 6cm: at fugue a 2.20 M94. E (“a .k fubrt fl 0‘"; (5’" s d(\r£\ *- 180 (\1 ma) <3, - 2.60 (w) 01 z 310 M90» M e.) What is the true strain on the specimen at fracture? £6“- : 0'“. £1 = in h" fink) V E, s in (boo-U0 = in (Ma) Q, s 0'\3\ £1 3 0‘“ f.) What is the ductility in percent elongation? ‘ '9.»th w vhnhc sl’fam “r {admit TWA Shun f“ fade-re = 0-": Elmhc than a: O'OOH '?\Uf*\; Shaun 5 O‘ULO-O'w‘i ‘ 0435 mam sum 2 we % g.) What is the shear modulus of aluminum given that its Poisson’s Ratio is 0.35? E = QGU-rv) G: L : 61$ : 6 S , 2345' wt”) 7.(\*o'3$) "1. G s 23JS MPO- M.— M h.) A hardness test is performed on an Al sample resulting in a small indentation. In order to verify the hardness measurement a second test is performed and the next indentation is made extremely close to the first. How will the value of the second hardness measurement compare with the first? (circle one) i) the second hardness value is the same as that of the first i' the second hardness value is lower @ e second hardness value is higher. ...
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