ECE222(2007Fall)Prog6(ArraysPointersAndStructures) - Fall...

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Fall 2007 ECE 222 System Programming Concepts 1 of 3 Lab 6 – Arrays, Pointers, and Structures In this lab, each student is to write a menu-driven program called prog6.c that allows the user to process a bitmap file with a transformation matrix. Input The program should receive as command line arguments the name of the input file and the output file, which must be different. The input file is to be a 24-bit color bitmap image of the .bmp format. A 24-bit color .bmp file has two parts to its header describing the image file. The first header has the following structure: struct HEADER { unsigned short int Type; /* Magic identifier */ unsigned int Size; /* File size in bytes */ unsigned short int Reserved1, Reserved2; unsigned int Offset; /* Offset to data (in B) */ } Header; /* -- 14 Bytes -- */ The second part of the header has the following structure: struct INFOHEADER { unsigned int Size; /* Header size in bytes */ int Width, Height; /* Width / Height of image */ unsigned short int Planes; /* Number of colour planes */ unsigned short int Bits; /* Bits per pixel */ unsigned int Compression; /* Compression type */ unsigned int ImageSize;
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ECE222(2007Fall)Prog6(ArraysPointersAndStructures) - Fall...

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