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2006Exam1 - IE 111 Fall 2006 Exam 1.1.1 NAME Instructions...

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IE 111 Fall 2006 Exam 1.1.1 NAME _________________________ Instructions The test is open notes and open book You must show all relevant work to receive full credit. Answers involving factorials, combinations and permutations need not be calculated out. Question 1. Consider the Venn diagram at right with events A, B, C, and D as shown when you answer questions a) through e). a) Give a set representation of the shaded region, _______________________ Circle the most appropriate answer for each of the following questions (where NMI means “need more information”). b) T F NMI (A B ) D and (A D) C are mutually exclusive. c) T F NMI B and C are independent d) T F NMI P(A|B) ≥ P(B|A) e) T F NMI P(B) ≤ P(D) C A B S D
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Question 2. The Tigers and Phillies have split the first 4 games of the World Series (each team has won two games). Thus we now have a best 2 out of 3 series. The probability that either team wins game 5, 6, and 7 (if game 7 is necessary) varies because of the different pitchers and home field advantage. The probability that the Tigers win game five is 0.7.
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