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MMAT 201-02 Materials Science and Engineering I Spring 2006 Answers to Test 2 Name: Key 1. You are given the engineering stress-strain curves of three materials A, B, and C obtained from a tensile test. Which of the materials: a. has the highest elastic modulus? (2%) b. is the most ductile? (3%) c. is the most brittle? (3%) d. has the highest tensile strength? (3%) e. has the highest toughness? (3%) f. would you choose for a spring application? (3%) g. would you choose for an application that calls for maximum load carrying capability without permanent deformation? (3%) Explain why. (Total: 20%) a. Material A because it has the highest slope in the elastic region. b. Material C because it has maximum %EL, a measure of the extent of plastic deformation. c. Material A because %EL=0. d. Tensile strength is the maximum stress on the engineering stress-strain curve. Therefore, material B has the highest tensile strength. e. Toughness is the optimum combination of strength and ductility. It is measured by the area under the engineering stress-strain curve. Materials B or C have much better toughness than material A since their areas under the engineering stress-strain curve are larger than the one for Material A. The toughness of B and C are very close. f.
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Test2_Solutions - MMAT 201-02 Materials Science and...

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