Services Marketing Test 2 Review

Services Marketing Test 2 Review - Dr. Till Services...

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Dr. Till Services Marketing March 2008 Practice Questions for Midterm no. 2 Chapter 4 1. Which core services are difficult to distribute? Why? Core services for people processing and possession processing require physical locations C.S. for mental stimulus processing and info processing can be distributed electronically 2. What are the types of “flow” facilitated by the Internet? - Information – Negotiation – Service – Transactions – Promotion 3. What are the drivers of transnational strategies? Market drivers – common customer needs across countries; corporate customers seek to standardize and simplify suppliers used in different countries Competition drivers – overseas competition, interdependence of countries; firms may be obliged to follow competitors into new markets to protect own positions elsewhere Technology drivers – advances, miniaturization/mobility of equipment, digitization of voice Cost drivers – economies of scale, lower operating costs Government drivers – favorable trade policies, compatible technical standards, common marketing regulations 4. What is (no) part of a market analysis? Market Analysis – Size, Composition, Location, Trends Internal Analysis – Resources, Reputation, Constraints, Values Competitor Analysis – Strengths, Weaknesses, Current Positioning 5. What are Porter’s Five Forces that shape industry competition? - New Entrants – Bargaining power of suppliers – Bargaining power of buyers - Substitute Products – Rivalry among existing competitors Chapter 7 1. What are the basic focus strategies for services?
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Services Marketing Test 2 Review - Dr. Till Services...

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