RICH DAD POOR DAD1 - Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T Kiyosaki...

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad By Robert T. Kiyosaki Entrepreneurs are known as those who recognize an opportunity and exploit it for a gain in their own interest. They are the people who take risks and think outside the box to create new value. A strong quality that entrepreneurs must hold is the ability to ask themselves questions to not let their brains become lazy. As the rich dad stated to Robert and Mike, when people say “I can’t afford it” their brain stops working; by asking the question “How can I afford it?” your brain is put to work (pg 15). This did not mean buy everything you wanted, but rather to challenge your brain to think unconventionally in order to make opportunities viable. Another important trait that an entrepreneur needs to attain is that of being creative in order to come up with new ideas that haven’t been done before. The boys displayed their ability to think creatively when they made counterfeit nickels. And even though it was illegal, the educated dad was proud of them and encouraged them to keep going. Most people with narrow thinking would not act as the way the boys did, because they are too afraid that their idea will be shot down by society. If people want to be truly entrepreneurial, the best thing they can do is get over their fears, and invert them to use to their advantage. The boys did exactly that with their nickel counterfeiting system, and the dad was proud of their efforts. The rich dad stated “Just know that its fear that keeps most people working at a job. The fear of not paying bills, the fear of not having enough money, the fear of starting over.” (pg 36). People who do not confront their fears react instead of think. They let their emotions take over instead of using their heads. The rich dad taught the boys to use their emotions to think, not to think with their emotions. He later tested the boys when he asked them if they would work for five dollars an hour because he was seeing if they could avoid the temptation of job security and a high paycheck. He did this in order to break their natural human thoughts and instincts of working for a check to pay the bills, which would eventually make them fall into the “rat race,” unable to get out. The first lesson the rich dad taught the boys was that “the poor and middle class
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RICH DAD POOR DAD1 - Rich Dad Poor Dad By Robert T Kiyosaki...

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