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Quiz 1 - soln8 - d If a certain copolymer has a ratio of...

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Unformatted text preview: d.) If a certain copolymer has a ratio of 7:3 of styrene to butadiene mers and a molecular weight of 60,000 g/mol, what is its degree of polymerization? (i. e. the average number of mer units/mol). w -. 1,“, (av-Fm. W M a) A— s/‘OMMW m «a ml) : 0.11. (ton-\QA- 0'3 (SI-w) —. 1.1.q\7.+ lB-TS = 8%th 3/m\ n = @0000 aim! : 673 M 9W“??— SIM‘W Degree ofpolymerization = 6131“" ~ ...
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