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Psych Exam 10-12 study guide - reflexes a Object permanence...

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Psychology Ch 10 Piaget: Cognitive Processes 1) Schemas- to achieve understanding the brain builds schemas : organized patterns of thought and action 2) Assimilation – new processes are incorporated into our existing schemas and knowledge Ex. Little boy tries to pet a porcupine b/c he thinks furry but actually spiny. 3) Accommodation- new happenings cause existing schemas to change a. The porcupine hurts the boy and boy learns not to fuck with him. Stages of Cognitive Development 1) Sensorimotor- BIRTH to 2 kids understand world by physical interaction,
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Unformatted text preview: reflexes. a. Object permanence- 8 months kids learn that the object is still there if you hide it b. Language- acquired after stage 1 2) Preoperational- (age 2-7) kids represent the world symbolically by words and mental pics but CANT understand basic mental operations or rules a. Symbolic thinking in the form of words to represent objects & experiences b. Symb. Thinking allows children to pretend play c. Conservation- Child CANNOT grasp that matter neither be created nor destroyed...
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