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Bogazici University Department of Industrial Engineering Fall 07, Probability for IE, IE 255 PS#7 1) Trains headed for destination A arrive at the train station at 15-minute intervals starting at 7 A.M., whereas trains headed for destination B arrive at 15-minute intervals starting at 7.05 A.M. If a passenger arrives at the station at a time uniformly distributed between 7 and 8 A.M. and then gets on the first train that arrives, what proportion of time does he/she go to destination A? 2) A point is chosen at random on a line segment of length L. Interpret this statement and find the probability that the ratio of the shorter to the longer segment is less than 0.25. 3) In a bank there are two clerks who serve customers with exponential rates μ 1 and μ 2 . Güray comes to the bank and sees that both servers are busy. What is the probability that Güray leaves the system last if: a. μ 1 = μ 2 b. μ 1 =2 μ 2 4) Güven just bought two newborn pets: a turtle and a snake. He knows that the life
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