Final Listening Exam Review

Final Listening Exam Review - Third Movement 8....

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Final Listening Exam Review 1.“Erlkönig” Schubert 2. Chiarina from Carnaval (Carnival) Robert Schumann 3. Nocturne in E Flat Major Chopin 4. Étude in C Minor (Revolutionary) Chopin 5. Polonaise in A Flat Major Chopin 6. Symphonie Fantastique Berlioz Fourth movement: March to the Scaffold 7. Symphony No. 3 in F Major Brahms
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Unformatted text preview: Third Movement 8. Transcendental Etude No.10 in F Minor Liszt 9.Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in E Minor, Op.64: First Movement Mendelssohn 10. Romeo and Juliet, Overture-Fantasy Tchaikovsky 11. Ging heut’ Morgen uber’s Feld from Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen- Mahler...
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