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Lab Section 1 March 3, 2008 Answer These Questions: 1. Why did we plot absorption vs. time? That is, what are the graphs, of the “baseline” experiment for example, really showing? The graphs of the “baseline” experiment is showing what the absorbance is before the substance is altered with enzymes, substrate or temperature change. By looking at the other graphs, however, one can see how the absorbance changes over time with the new alterations. 2. What effect was produced by doubling and halving the enzyme and the substrate? How do you explain why these relationships worked the way they did? If your data don’t show a pattern in regard to both of these alterations, how do you account for this? By doubling the enzyme and the substrate, the absorbance increased, and by halving them, the absorbance decreased the reason why the enzyme increased the absorbance, is because enzymes are catalysts and they speed up a reaction. They also speed up metabolic reactions by lowering energy barriers. Because the absorbance comes from a reaction the enzyme works as a catalyst.
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